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3 March 2023

Casela demos external laser source module for 1310nm and CWDM4 wavelengths

Casela Technologies of Palo Alto, CA, USA — a vertically integrated semiconductor laser company delivering high-performance laser technology, products and platforms for datacoms infrastructure and sensing — has launched multi-fiber external laser source (ELS) modules operating at 1310nm and CWDM4 wavelengths. The module uses blind mate optical and electrical connectors supporting OIF’s (Optical Internetworking Forum’s) external laser small-form-factor pluggable (ELSFP) implementation agreement.

The module will be ‘live’ at the OIF Co-Packaging (CPO) Interoperability Demonstration (booth #5101) at the Optical Fiber Conference (OFC 2023) in San Diego, CA, USA (5-9 March). In addition, Casela is providing the light source for OIF’s joint CEI and co-packaging demo, whereby a linearly driven optical module is powered optically by an ELSFP through polarization-maintaining fiber. Casela’s ELSFP is part of the Front panel I/O, and ELSFP Connectivity Options demo to show multi-vendor compatibility.

These uncooled ELSFP modules deliver greater than 100mW into each of eight polarization-maintaining fibers to power up integrated, high-data-capacity silicon photonics systems such as CPO and SOC-based artificial intelligence (AI) accelerators. The modules use Casela’s recently announced 200mW uncooled DFB lasers that operate with >20% power conversion efficiency up to 70 oC module temperature. These high-power, high-efficiency lasers eliminate the need for a thermoelectric cooler (TEC), delivering best-in-class low-power consumption for an external laser source. Modules can be specified with 2 x DR4, 2 x FR4 or other WDM wavelength combinations. These lasers are available for sampling now, with production commencing in fourth-quarter 2023.

Working with OIF, Casela plans to help accelerate the adoption of high optical power, high lane count and high-speed connectivity in fully integrated modules.

Also at OFC, OIF is hosting its largest ever demonstration of multi-vendor interoperability, featuring four fundamental technology areas: 400ZR optics; co-packaging architectures; Common Electrical I/O (CEI) channels; and Common Management Interface Specification (CMIS) implementations. The demos are both live and static at OIF’s booth #5101.

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