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7 March 2023

Lumentum introduces full-band tunable optical transceivers

In booth #3415 at the Optical Fiber Communication conference (OFC 2023) in San Diego (5–9 March), Lumentum Holdings Inc of San Jose, CA, USA is highlighting its portfolio of full-band optical tunable transceivers in a live product demonstration, including 10G optical transport network (OTN) SFP+, 25G T-SFP28 and 100G coherent CFP2-DCO bi-directional (BiDi) transceiver modules.

Driven by the evolving needs of 5G deployments and distributed access architectures (DAA), full-band tunable optical transceivers offer compelling advantages compared with fixed-wavelength transceivers.

“With our latest products, we simplify, expand and deliver cost-effective solutions essential for growth at the networkedge, including for telecommunications carriers in the cable MSO and 5G space as they speed up connectivity in their deployments,” says Justin Abbott, director of product line management, Transmission.

Lumentum’s 25G T-SFP28 product incorporates MSA-compliant SmartTunable technology to simplify field deployment tasks by adopting self-tuning algorithms. It leverages the firm’s substantial installed base of manufacturing capacity to meet the rapid growth anticipated from 5G applications. The 25G TSFP28 is expected to be in production and available to customers by end-March.

Lumentum is also introducing what it says are the first 100G CFP2-DCO BiDi and 10G OTN modules to address capacity and reach challenges within DAA rollouts. The 100G CFP2-DCO BiDi is a unique product that allows capacity increases that utilize only a single fiber. The 10G OTN SFP+ provides a solution that can reach up to 100km, compared with other solutions that are limited to 80km. Increasing the span length allows network operators to realize significant cost savings in architectures where long spans are needed, such as in rural broadband deployment.

Live tunable demonstrations at OFC

Lumentum is demonstrating its full-band tunable optical transceiver modules for dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) applications, which meet the rapidly evolving demands of the network edge. These modules can be used in extended operational and environmental applications. The demonstration includes:

  • 25G T-SFP28: a unique industrial (–400C to +850C) temperature-capable 25G T-SFP28 DWDM transceiver that adopts the benefits of smart tuning and remote sensing for autonomous commissioning and remote network management.
  • 10G OTN SFP+: an OTN SFP+ transceiver with an integrated forward error correction (FEC) engine that supports extended-reach applications without an erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA). The transceiver can interoperate with any open DWDM line system and transparently carry a native 10G LAN PHY payload with a carrier-grade DWDM OTN interface.
  • 100G coherent CFP2-DCO BiDi: a reflection-tolerant coherent optical transceiver for bi-directional DWDM transmission over a single fiber, addressing the challenges of link capacity, simplification and cost.

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