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3 May 2023

GaN Systems showcasing products at Data Center World 2023

GaN Systems Inc of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (a fabless developer of gallium nitride-based power switching semiconductors for power conversion and control applications) is exhibiting GaN solutions and presenting ‘Efficiency and Profitability in the Data Center with GaN’ at Data Center World 2023 conference in Austin, Texas (8-11 May).

Data centers currently account for 2% of the world’s energy use, with ever-increasing costs. Offsetting these trends, for each set of 10 racks in the data center, GaN-based power supplies can increase profits by $3m, decrease data-center operating expenses, and reduce CO2 emissions by more than 100 metric tons per year, it is reckoned.

At Data Center World, GaN Systems is showcasing power supply unit (PSU) solutions that can enable data centers to enhance profitability, reduce operating costs, and reduce energy consumption. Power supplies developed with GaN Systems transistors have double the power density of legacy PSUs and enable up to 20% energy savings in data centers, it is reckoned.

Solutions on display in booth 537 include:

  • the world’s first 100W/in3 with 80-Plus Titanium efficiency power supply;
  • 2700W high-power-density power supply;
  • 3kW PFC + LLC GaN-based reference design.

On 11 May (10:40–11:10am), director business development Julian Styles is delivering a ‘Solution Spotlight: Bringing Efficiency and Profitability to the Data Center with GaN’ in the Data Center Live Theater, Expo Hall.

“The increasing demand for more data and power combined with the critical focus on sustainability is driving massive changes in the data-center industry,” notes CEO Jim Witham. “We are delighted to be at Data Center World to showcase our latest innovations for the data-center ecosystem, where we see customers increasingly switching to GaN power transistors to take advantage of their undeniable operating, financial and environmental benefits.”

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