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9 May 2023

Nexperia launches e-mode GaN FETs for 100/150V and 650V applications

Nexperia B.V. of Nijmegen, the Netherlands (a subsidiary of Wingtech Technology Co Ltd) has released its first power GaN FETs in e-mode (enhancement-mode) configuration for low (100/150V)- and high (650V)-voltage applications. By augmenting its cascode offering with seven new e-mode devices, the firm now provides designers with a choice of GaN FETs alongside its portfolio of silicon-based power electronics components.

The new portfolio includes five 650V-rated e-mode GaN FETs (with RDS(on) values between 80mΩ and 190mΩ) in a choice of DFN 5mm x 6mm and DFN 8mm x 8mm packages. They improve power conversion efficiency in high-voltage, low-power (<650V) datacom/telecom, consumer charging, solar and industrial applications. They can also be used to design brushless DC motors and micro server drives for precision with higher torque and more power.

Nexperia now also offers a 100V (3.2mΩ) GaN FET in a WLCSP8 package and a 150V (7mΩ) device in a FCLGA package. The devices are suitable for various low-voltage (<150V), high-power applications to deliver, for example, more efficient DC–DC converters in data centers, faster charging (e-mobility and USB-C), smaller LiDAR transceivers, lower-noise class D audio amplifiers and more power dense consumer devices like mobile phones, laptops and games consoles.

GaN FETs offer the highest power efficiency with the most compact solution size in many power conversion applications, substantially reducing the bill of materials (BOM). As a result, GaN devices are increasingly entering mainstream power electronics markets, including server computing, industrial automation, consumer, and telecom infrastructure. GaN-based devices offer the fastest transition/switching capability (highest dv/dt and di/dt) and deliver superior efficiency in low- and high-power conversion applications. Nexperia says that the switching performance of its e-mode GaN FETs is attributable to very low Qg and QOSS values, while their low RDS(on) enables more power-efficient designs.

With the release, Nexperia says that it now supplies a broad offering of GaN FET products to suit the wide range of power applications best suited to the technology, including cascode devices for high-voltage, high-power applications, 650V e-mode devices for high-voltage, low-power applications and 100/150V e-mode devices for low-voltage, high-power applications. Furthermore, its e-mode GaN FETs are fabricated on an 8” wafer-line for increased capacity and qualified for industrial applications according to JEDEC standards.

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