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9 May 2023

Transphorm releases simulation model of first 1200V GaN-on-sapphire device

Transphorm Inc of Goleta, near Santa Barbara, CA, USA — which designs and manufactures JEDEC- and AEC-Q101-qualified gallium nitride (GaN) field-effect transistors (FETs) for high-voltage power conversion — has announced the availability of its 1200V FET simulation model and preliminary datasheet. The normally-off TP120H070WS FET is claimed to be the only 1200V GaN-on-sapphire power semiconductor introduced to date, making its model the first of its kind.

Key preliminary device model specifications for the TP120H070WS include:

  • on-resistance (RDS(on)) of 70mΩ;
  • efficient bidirectional current flow;
  • ± 20Vmax gate robustness;
  • low 4Vth gate drive noise immunity;
  • zero QRR;
  • 3-lead TO-247 package.

Transphorm says that the simulation model’s release indicates the firm’s ability to support future automotive power systems as well as three-phase power systems typically used in the broad industrial, datacom, and renewables markets. These applications can benefit from the 1200V GaN device’s higher power density and reliability along with equal or better performance at more reasonable cost points versus alternative technologies, says the firm. Transphorm recently validated the GaN device’s higher performance ability in a 5kW 900V buck converter switching at 100kHz. The 1200V GaN device achieved 98.7% efficiency, exceeding that of a similarly rated production silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET.

The Verilog-A device model is recommended for use with the SIMetrix Pro v8.5 Circuit Simulator. A LTSpice model is in development and will be released in fourth-quarter 2023. Simulation modeling allows for fast and efficient power system design validation while reducing design iterations, development time, and hardware investments.

GaN in automotive power systems and charging ecosystem

While the 1200V GaN device is an optimal solution for various market applications, it offers an advantage especially for automotive systems, says Transphorm.

The electric vehicle industry, especially at the higher-kilowatt nodes for larger vehicles, is moving toward 800V batteries in the latter half of this decade. As such, 1200V power conversion switches will be used to deliver the required performance level. Transphorm reckons that its 1200V platform is therefore well positioned for next-generation onboard charger, DC-to-DC converters, drive inverters, and pole charging systems.

“We’re proving that GaN can very easily play in application markets previously slated for silicon carbide, which opens a wide range of market adoption potential for our business and GaN in general,” says chief technology officer & co-founder Umesh Mishra.

The 1200V device is being exhibited in booth 108 (Hall 7) at the Power, Control and Intelligent Motion (PCIM) Europe 2023 trade show in Nuremberg, Germany (9–11 May). 1200V FET samples are expected to be available by first-quarter 2024.

For current-model EVs using 400V batteries, Transphorm offers 650V normally-off SuperGaN FETs that are AEC-Q101 qualified to 175°C and in volume production.

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