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10 November 2023

BAE Systems awarded $5m ONR contract for COALESCE program

BAE Systems ─ which develops and services electric propulsion technology at its facilities in Endicott, NY, USA and Rochester, UK ─ says that its FAST Labs research and development organization has been awarded a $5m contract by the US Office of Naval Research (ONR) for the program COALESCE (Common-architecture Amplifier for Low-cost, Efficient, SWaP-Constrained Environments), whose objective is to develop the world’s highest-efficiency high-power amplifier module in its frequency band.

FAST Labs will develop gallium nitride (GaN)-based monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) and module electronics. The radio-frequency (RF) modules will then transition to small-form-factor US Navy payloads, enabling longer range and greater effectiveness in active electronic warfare applications.

“The COALESCE program closes the gap between commercial electronics and customized electronics to meet the Department of Defense’s space and power requirements and enable next-generation solutions,” says Ben McMahon, technology development manager at BAE Systems’ FAST Labs. “Together with the Office of Naval Research, we will deliver these electronic solutions to increase survivability for our warfighters.”

BAE Systems will provide capabilities above and beyond what can be found commercially, and its solution is designed specifically for harsh DoD operating environments. The technology’s high power and ultra-small form factor will enable next-generation radar, electronic warfare (EW), and communication applications.

MMICs and modules for the program will be fabricated at BAE Systems’ Microelectronics Center Foundry in Nashua, New Hampshire. The FAST Labs organization in Merrimack, New Hampshire will work to ensure the technology is relevant across multiple DoD branches, applications, and businesses.

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