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15 November 2023

NUBURU wins purchase order from multi-national electronics manufacturer

NUBURU Inc of Centennial, CO, USA — which was founded in 2015 and develops and manufactures high-power industrial blue lasers — has been awarded a purchase order from a multi-national electronics manufacturer with manufacturing capabilities across Asia, Latin America, Europe and the USA to supply a BL-250 for next-generation computers, consumer electronics and communication (3C) device manufacturing.

NUBURU says that its blue laser technology will be utilized in an R&D capacity to demonstrate the integration of its laser welding capabilities as an alternative to conventional soldering manufacturing techniques.

“By integrating our modular manufacturing solutions, we provide customers with the means for increased scalability and ability to produce more durable products,” says CEO Brian Knaley. “We look forward to the continued market adoption of our BL product line, as the increasing demand for innovative capabilities and green manufacturing alternatives continues to accelerate.”

Laser joining in its current state faces significant challenges rooted in energy-intensive soldering practices, resulting in inefficiencies and constraints on the precision and reliability of precise metal fabrication, notes NUBURU. By integrating its patented BL-250 product, existing manufacturing capabilities are expanded to enable new product designs, increase manufacturing throughput, enhance the overall sustainability of manufacturing, and achieving ROHS compliance by eliminating lead-based solders.

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