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20 November 2023

onsemi opens systems application lab for EVs in Europe

Intelligent power and sensing technology firm onsemi of Scottsdale, AZ, USA has opened an application test lab in Piestany, Slovakia, focused on the advancement of system solutions for battery/plug-in hybrid/electric vehicles (xEVs) and energy infrastructure (EI) power conversion systems. The systems applications lab provides specialized equipment to develop and test next-generation silicon (Si) and silicon carbide (SiC) solutions in collaboration with automotive OEMs, tier-1s and energy infrastructure (EI) providers.

The new lab will play a central role in ensuring that the development of future power products results in highly differentiated, value-add solutions tailored to customers’ specific requirements for highly efficient power conversion in xEV powertrains and charging, as well as applications in renewable energy.

The new facility consists of two high-voltage power labs that focus on systems- and device-level development as well as evaluation of SiC/Si traction inverters and AC–DC/DC–DC power converters. Laser welding facilities, mechanical cleanrooms and workshops further enable fast prototyping and testing of next-generation system solutions.

Evaluation capabilities for the next-generation system solutions include:

  • continuous 24/7 testing;
  • internally developed and patented software and hardware solutions to support high-voltage power cycling via space vector modulation (SVM) and sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM);
  • high-accuracy logging devices for assessing SiC and Si health and reliability;
  • simulation of the harsh conditions faced by inverters during operation, testing liquid-cooled devices at temperatures as low as –50°C and up to 220°C;
  • a wider range of industry-recognized software allows for the programing of FPGAs and ARM microcontrollers on site, as well as qualification testing, data analysis and 3D modelling.

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