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16 February 2024

BluGlass and Applied Energetics sign MoU to collaborate

BluGlass Ltd of Silverwater, Australia — which develops and manufactures gallium nitride (GaN) blue laser diodes based on its proprietary low-temperature, low-hydrogen remote-plasma chemical vapor deposition (RPCVD) technology — has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate on its GaN distributed feedback (DFB) lasers being used by US-based advanced defence and dual-use photonics company Applied Energetics Inc in its advanced systems development for next-generation military and commercial applications.

Applied Energetics specializes in developing next-generation ultra-short pulse (USP) optical systems for the US Department of Defense, defense primes, the intelligence community, as well as addressing the commercial, medical and space markets. The firm’s USP laser and photonic products span deep-ultraviolet through to infrared wavelengths.

The two companies say that they combine complementary expertise and technologies and, through the collaboration, plan to develop innovative solutions that address critical technology needs in emerging dual-use and national security markets, including bringing to market new laser wavelengths, and higher-performance solutions that deliver more efficient and cost-effective products. The MoU sets out the framework for collaboration, but is not a definitive agreement with commercial terms and timelines.

“This collaboration will advance strategic capabilities and next-generation integrated photonics, addressing the evolving needs of the national security and commercial sectors,” says BluGlass’ CEO Jim Haden. “A pioneer in ultrashort pulse photonics, Applied Energetics has complementary laser technology which can deepen our reach into the government, security and intelligence sectors. Importantly, the MoU aligns with and strengthens our existing product roadmap and growth strategy,” he adds.

“With the rapid growth of the laser market and the associated need for unique wavelengths and high-performance output, the development of next-generation lasers and optical systems must continue to advance and innovate,” comments Applied Energetics’ CEO & president Dr Gregory Quarles. “This collaboration will support our long-term strategic goals of optimizing architectures, increasing wavelength coverage, and improving product performance to provide customers with the most competitive and effective solutions.”

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