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22 January 2024

ams OSRAM launches SYNIOS P1515 automotive signaling LEDs

ams OSRAM GmbH of Premstätten, Austria and Munich, Germany has launched a series of sidelooker, low-power LEDs that, it claims, simplify design, are easier to implement and enables the creation of a homogeneous appearance in extended light bars and other automotive rear lighting applications.

An automobile rear combination lamp (RCL) currently requires a complex and deep optical assembly consisting of diffusers and light guides to spread the bright points of light from conventional toplooker LEDs without producing visible dark and bright spots.

By replacing toplooker LEDs with the SYNIOS P1515 sidelookers, automotive manufacturers can achieve a smooth, homogeneous appearance across the width of the vehicle. With the same number of LEDs as in a toplooker-based arrangement, an RCL or turn indicator can be produced with a far thinner and simpler optical assembly. This opens up new potential to create dramatic and distinctive shapes in new RCL designs.

Alternatively, a homogeneous appearance can be achieved with the same depth of optical stack as for toplooker LEDs, but with substantially fewer LEDs and LED drivers. With this option, the lamp manufacturer benefits from a reduced bill-of-materials cost and a simpler circuit configuration.

“With the introduction of this sidelooker innovation, ams OSRAM is bringing new value to manufacturers of automotive rear lighting – it enables superior optical performance at lower cost,” says Michael Lobenhofer, product marketing manager for automotive exterior lighting. “ams OSRAM simulations indicate a design based on the SYNIOS P1515 can reduce the number of LED units and drivers required by as much as 66% compared to equivalent toplooker-based designs while maintaining a very high level of homogeneity,” he adds.

“The innovative operation of the SYNIOS P1515 LEDs also enables the design of new super-sleek rear light bars that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the product to discerning car buyers.”

The AEC-Q102-qualified SYNIOS P1515 LEDs produce a side-emission output with uniform 360° light intensity all round the device. Light is also emitted from the top of the LED, but at lower intensity than from the sides, to ensure that applications such as extended rear light bars can be easily realized with no bright or dark spots.

The side-emission pattern of the SYNIOS P1515 LEDs is enabled by proprietary ams OSRAM optical packaging technology. The firm’s sidelooker LEDs are already widely used in the backlighting for high-performance automotive displays.

The SYNIOS P1515 family is available for sampling in red (621nm), super-red (633nm) and yellow (587nm) colours. Production volumes are available now.

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