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15 January 2024

Mojo Vision integrates RGB micro-LED sub-pixels into single panel

Mojo Vision Inc of Saratoga, CA, USA — which is developing and commercializing micro-LED display technology for consumer, enterprise and government applications — has integrated red, green and blue (RGB) sub-pixels into a first-of-its-kind single panel using its proprietary high performance quantum dots (QDs) and integration processes. The proof-of-concept integrates 1.3μm-diameter red and green QD-based sub-pixels adjacent to 1.3μm-diameter native blue sub-pixels, demonstrating the viability of the company’s path to developing single-panel RGB micro-LED displays. The milestone is said to mark significant momentum toward scaling micro-LED technology and its use in augmented reality (AR) devices for peak performance in diverse outdoor environments.

The firm’s focus on blue micro-LEDs at 200mm and 300mm wafer scale, coupled with its proprietary high-performance QD technology, leads the display industry to more scalable and commercial solutions. Existings commercially available QDs, designed for conventional displays like LCD, substantially lack the reliability under high light conditions required for AR glasses.

“Mojo Vision’s proprietary process for robust QDs addresses the common industry challenge of achieving high brightness and durability when creating single-panel RGB displays,” says CEO Nikhil Balram. “This process ensures the technology’s reliability, coupling high image quality with efficiency and lifespan,” he adds. “As companies develop wearables and smart glasses equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), micro-LEDs enable much better display resolution, brightness, contrast and dynamic range, crucial for rendering detailed images and supporting the advanced image recognition that the disruptive industry requires.”

Track record of industry milestones

Previously, Mojo Vision announced a 300mm GaN-on-silicon micro-LED array wafer, marking progress toward maturing micro-LED manufacturing. The firm also demonstrated a vibrant red micro-LED micro-display using 1.3μm-diameter red QD regions on top of 1.3μm-diameter blue micro-LEDs.

“Augmented reality technology continues to progress toward the goal of seamlessly blending immersive, virtual experiences into the physical world and enabling natural interactions with digital objects,” says Dr Achin Bhowmik, president of the Society for Information Display (SID). “Achieving this requires the high dynamic range, great contrast and image quality, super resolution, low power consumption, and compact form factor of micro-LED,” he adds. “Mojo Vision’s single-panel RGB display is a significant advancement toward realizing this promise.”

Mojo Vision demonstrated its proprietary RGB single-panel micro-LED technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2024) in Las Vegas (9–12 January).

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