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30 January 2024

Silvaco joins GaN Valley ecosystem

Silvaco Group Inc of Santa Clara, CA, USA (which provides electronic design automation software and semiconductor design IP for process and device development) has joined GaN Valley to help advance the state of the art in designing efficient gallium nitride (GaN) power devices and enable its customers to innovate with its Victory TCAD (technology computer-aided design) platform.

As a technology hub in Europe specializing in gallium nitride technologies, GaN Valley targets a growing industry for electronic systems in which energy supply and usage of electrical energy needs to be increasingly more efficient (reduced energy waste), smaller, lighter, and lower cost.

Silvaco’s Victory TCAD platform provides a simulation environment that incorporates various numerical methods, physical models, SPICE model generation, and a modern graphical user interface. The platform enables customers to innovate and efficiently design and optimize the performance of power devices and is specifically tailored for the latest generation of GaN-based power devices. The integration of various tools and methodologies, combined with AI (artificial intelligence), in a user-friendly environment enables engineers and researchers to iterate quickly through the design and simulation phases.

“With rapidly evolving GaN technology and an expected $2bn market by 2027, GaN is taking its place in the power semiconductor market,” notes Dr Marnix Tack, co-founder of GaN Valley and chief technology officer of BelGaN Foundry. “GaN Valley is a new and unique ecosystem developing in Europe, currently having close to 60 members active along the GaN value chain in Europe. Through connecting and collaboration, GaN Valley will accelerate innovation and business development of a GaN-based industry in Europe and beyond. Recognizing the increasing importance of GaN technologies for the transition to a lower-energy-consuming society and a carbon-neutral future, GaN Valley is pleased to welcome Silvaco as a member to enable advancement of tools and methodologies for innovation and designing GaN semiconductors,” he adds.

“Silvaco has a long history of developing TCAD technologies targeting GaN semiconductor process and device innovations with its Victory TCAD platform,” says Dr Eric Guichard, senior VP & general manager of the TCAD business unit at Silvaco. “By joining GaN Valley we will share know-how and collaborate with leading research teams within the GaN Valley members to bring new innovative solutions to the design community and help build a strong ecosystem for designing GaN-based semiconductors.”

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