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21 June 2024

Infineon launches CoolGaN 700V G4 power transistor product family

Infineon Technologies AG of Munich, Germany has launched the CoolGaN Transistor 700V G4 product family, which is said to be highly efficient for power conversion in the voltage range up to 700V.

In contrast to other GaN products on the market, the input and output figures-of-merit provide 20% better performance, it is claimed, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced power losses, and more cost-effective solutions. The combination of electrical characteristics and packaging ensures maximum performance in applications such as consumer chargers and notebook adapters, data-center power supplies, renewable energy inverters, and battery storage, adds the firm.

Infineon’s new CoolGaN 700V power transistor family.

Picture: Infineon’s new CoolGaN 700V power transistor family.

The product series comprises 13 devices with a voltage rating of 700V and on-resistance range from 20mΩ to 315mΩ. The increased granularity in device specification, combined with a wide range of industry-standard package options including PDFN, TOLL and TOLT, allow RDS resistance and packages to be selected according to application requirements. As a result, both electrical and thermal system performance can be optimized and implemented in the most cost-effective solution, says Infineon.

The devices are characterized by a fast turn-on and turn-off speed and minimal switching losses. The on-resistance range enables power systems from 20W to 25,000W. In addition, the 700V E-mode with what is claimed to be the industry’s highest transient voltage of 850V increases the reliability of the overall system as it offers greater robustness against anomalies in the user environment such as voltage peaks.

The CoolGaN Transistor 700V G4 products in TOLL, PDFN 5x6 and 8x8 packages are available now. More variety in RDS(on) as well as the TOLT package will follow later this year.

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