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2 November 2021

Seoul Semi’s SunLike natural spectrum LEDs chosen by LEDVANCE

South Korean LED maker Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd says that its SunLike natural spectrum LEDs (for producing light that closely matches the spectrum of natural sunlight) have been applied to the 19 models of the Sun@Home product line of German lighting company LEDVANCE (which produces its products in 50 nations worldwide and exports them to about 140 nations).

Sun@Home is a premium lighting product line for homes and offices. With the SunLike natural spectrum LED technology, it can remotely and automatically adjust the color temperature and dimming representing the light changes from noon to evening.

LEDVANCE is promoting its new human-centric lighting for the health and well-being of users by applying SunLike technology to 19 products (launched in October) in 10 categories, including desk lamps, office lighting, panel lighting, room lighting, downlights, wall-mounted lamps, night lights, lightbulbs, candle-shaped lights, and track lighting.

“Children, students and office workers are staying longer at home amid the pandemic, increasing the importance of lighting for not only study and work but rest as well,” says Seoul Semiconductor.

SunLike lighting semiconductor technology reproduces the spectrum curve of natural sunlight (matching the intensity of each wavelength, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy and purple), replicating almost the same characteristics as natural light, and improving learning abilities such as memory, correct answer rate, speed of learning, and recognition speed (according to a clinical trial by Harvard University’s Dr Rahman).

SunLike achieved Rf 95 (and higher) in a color fidelity test assessing the similarity to natural light at Underwriters Laboratories (an international organization dedicated to testing lighting equipment), becoming the world’s first LED light source to obtain the Diamond Level.

Seoul Semiconductor has demonstrated the benefits of SunLike natural spectrum LEDs through research activities focusing on the effects of learning abilities, visual comfort and sleep quality. Following Seoul National University in Korea and Basel University in Europe, a research team found that exposure to short-wavelength enriched light with a daylight-like spectrum improves key components of learning such as working memory, cognitive processing speed, and testing accuracy. The clinical trial began in 2019, conducted by the Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School) and included college-aged adults. The results from the study showed effectiveness in improving procedural learning, says Seoul Semiconductor.

In September, Seoul Semiconductor acquired from Japan’s Toshiba Materials Co Ltd (TMAT) all business-related rights for the stable production and expansion of sales of SunLike. The firm says that it is gradually expanding the supply of SunLike to different solutions, being selected by 33 lighting brands since 2017.

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