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1 April 2022

Lumileds launches LUXEON CoB Core Pro LEDs for retail lighting

LED maker Lumileds LLC of San Jose, CA, USA has launched the LUXEON CoB Core Pro range. With a color point that is below the black-body locus and aligns with the color point of conventional (ceramic discharge metal halide) solutions, typical color-rendering index (CRI) of 92, R9 greater than 50, and typical luminous efficacy of 152lm/W (for a correlated color temperature CCT = 3000K, junction temperature Tj = 85C, 90CRI, and 15mm light-emitting surface), the new CoB range is targeted at retail and hospitality recessed and track lighting solutions.

“The hallmarks of a good retail lamp – sparkle, and great color reproduction – can now be had in a CoB LED with even greater efficacy than before,” says Keen Oun Yap, senior product manager. “For retailers that have remained on the sideline for just the right color point and better efficacy, the time has come to make that switch to a Lumileds CoB solution,” he adds. “No mercury, no startup lag, no heat and no color drift, just excellent color consistency over time and lower energy consumption.”

With light-emitting surfaces of 9-19mm and output of 700 lumens to more than 5000 lumens, the range of applications that can be addressed ranges from shops and shop windows to offices, hotels, restaurants and many others.

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