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9 December 2022

Lumileds adds 14 new 80 and 90CRI 3V parts to LUXEON 2835 Commercial range

LED product and lighting maker Lumileds of San Jose, CA, USA has added to its LUXEON 2835 Commercial portfolio of LEDs by releasing 14 new 3V parts that deliver higher flux and efficacy to enable rapid upgrading of existing solutions and design of new lighting solutions.

The new parts are available in all standard correlated color temperatures (CCTs) from 2700K to 6500K. Currently, Lumileds offers over 150 different LUXEON 2835 LEDs in white across CCTs of 1800K to 6500K and color rendering indexes (CRIs) of 70–95 — all at various light output and efficacy levels selected to address the needs of a broad customer base. Also, Lumileds’ 2835 portfolio includes 21 color LEDs including direct and phosphor-converted options.

For the latest 14-part expansion, 0.2V voltage bins and 3- and 5-step simplify system design. Reliability is proven through extensive testing including high-temperature operating life, moisture high-temperature operation life, powered temperature cycle test, A-A thermal shock, temperature cycle, and power switching. “We believe LUXEON 2835 to be the most reliable LED in its class available today,” says Lumileds.

“Each year, LUXEON 2835 Architectural, Commercial and Color LEDs are some of the highest-volume products, in part because we continuously develop options based on our customers’ specific needs and objectives in the professional and consumer lighting segments,” says product manager Ryan Dong. “This allows us to engineer 2835 LEDs that deliver superb in-application price-to-performance results and offer unmatched reliability for in-market end-customer satisfaction.”

LUXEON 2835 LEDs are immediately available through Lumileds’ global distribution network.

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