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14 July 2021

Lumileds launches LUXEON 2835 Commercial LEDs for indoor lighting

Lumileds LLC of San Jose, CA, USA has introduced LUXEON 2835 Commercial LEDs, engineered and designed to support the growing demand for a high-volume, high-efficacy mid-power LED to serve commercial indoor lighting applications. With a maximum driving current of 200mA, correlated color temperatures (CCTs) span 2700-6500K and range of the color rendering index (CRI) is 80 and 90.

“The architectural and commercial luminaire and lighting fixture markets have their own needs and characteristics,” says product & marketing manager Ryan Dong. “Manufacturers of commercial lighting prioritize lumens per Watt and lumens per dollar over almost everything else and we deliver both in a package providing the quality and robustness expected of LUXEON LEDs,” he adds. Common commercial indoor applications include troffers, panels, high-bay and many other formats.

Many billions of 2835 mid-power LEDs are sold annually, making them one of the biggest-selling packages in volume and revenue. The breadth of luminaires – from industrial and offices, to retail and hospitality – require different levels of performance, quality of light, and longevity, demonstrating clearly that the 2835 LED market is not a one-size-fits-all market.

The new LUXEON 2835 Commercial LEDs will stand alongside Lumileds’ existing and broad portfolio of 2835 LEDs which are being renamed LUXEON 2835 Architectural. “Lumileds’ practice is to clearly understand our customers’ needs and deliver the product that meets or exceeds their requirements. We now have two clearly differentiated 2835 portfolios, each supporting market segments and customers with different product needs,” says Ryan Dong.

Lumileds claims that, compared with other 2835 packages on the market, LUXEON 2835 Commercial leads in flux, has better color consistency and superior anti-corrosion capability. With these new parts, the firm can support any manufacturer’s full range of luminaires, from offices and box stores to high-end retail and hospitality, it adds.

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