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24 February 2022

Lumileds adds 3V and 6V options to LUXEON 2835 Commercial LED range

Lumileds LLC of San Jose, CA, USA says that it is tripling the LUXEON 2835 Commercial 3V options for lumen and lumen/Watt in 80 and 90 CRI (color rendering index). It is also adding LUXEON 2835 Commercial 6V parts that allow for fewer parts and denser arrays when needed.

Globally, the 2835 LED is one of the most widely used LEDs – many billions are sold annually – and they find their way into an array of indoor applications and luminaires. So, customers are seeking differentiated performance options and reliability that allow them to finely tune offerings to achieve specific application, efficiency, and cost objectives, says Lumileds.

“Lumens, lumens per watt, and lumens per dollar are at the top of every OEMs list,” notes product & marketing manager Ryan Dong. “In this regard, our performance is as good or better than any other,” he believes. “And when it comes to critical technical specifications, we think LUXEON 2835 Commercial stands above the rest.”

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