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9 June 2022

Navitas highlights long-term partnership and record GaN shipments at TSMC Technology Symposium

Gallium nitride (GaN) power IC firm Navitas Semiconductor Corp of El Segundo, CA, USA and Dublin, Ireland has announced its participation on 16 June in Santa Clara, CA, at the 2022 North America Technology Symposium of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC).

Since GaN runs 20 times faster than traditional silicon, gallium nitride chargers can achieve 3x the power or 3x faster charging with up to 40% energy savings in just half the size and weight compared with traditional silicon chargers. GaNFast power ICs with GaNSense technology integrate GaN power with drive, control, protection and sensing circuitry to enable faster charging, higher power density and greater energy savings for mobile, consumer, enterprise, eMobility and new-energy markets.

“GaN semiconductors are becoming increasingly important for fast charging and power conversion that drive energy efficiency to the next level,” notes Lucas Tsai, director of market development and emerging business management, TSMC North America. “We’re very pleased with the results of our long-term partnership with Navitas in delivery of high-quality, reliable GaN semiconductors using our industry-leading GaN manufacturing technology and platform, and we look forward to our continuous collaboration with Navitas to unleash more green and sustainable innovations.”

At the TSMC 2022 NA Technology Symposium, Navitas is demonstrating its GaN fast and ultra-fast mobile charging, plus displaying higher-power system hardware including data-center and electric vehicle (EV) applications at its booth in the Innovation Zone, which spotlights the achievements of TSMC’s emerging startup customers.

“Navitas’ partnership with TSMC goes back over a decade, and for me personally, long before that,” says Navitas’ chief operating officer (COO)/chief technology officer (CTO) & co-founder Dan Kinzer. “Excellent teamwork, learning and collaboration has created a proven, high-yielding platform on which Navitas can build next-generation GaNFast power ICs via GaN-on-Si fabricated by TSMC.”

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