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17 May 2021

BluGlass to begin reliability testing of packaged lasers in next two months

BluGlass Ltd of Silverwater, Australia – which develops low-temperature, low-hydrogen remote-plasma chemical vapor deposition (RPCVD) technology for manufacturing devices such as laser diodes, next-generation LEDs and micro-LEDs – has provided an update for March-quarter 2021 on its laser product development.

Laser diode development progress

BluGlass continues to advance commercialization of its laser diode product suite, with multiple products (405nm, 420nm, 450nm and others) progressing through the final stages in the manufacturing supply chain.

The first products for launch have completed multiple design iterations and processing steps ahead of packaging. These products continue to demonstrate good performance and meet internal specifications as unpackaged devices, says the firm.

Once complete, packaged devices will commence accelerated reliability testing at BluGlass’ US facility ahead of product launches. The firm expects these tests to be underway within the next two months.

BluGlass is refining multiple packaging solutions, both internally at its US facility and supported by the firm’s recent appointment of specialist laser packaging and integration expert Dr Arkadi Goulakov, and with several expert packaging vendors at their facilities.

BluGlass expects to deliver packaged products to its customers in the coming months. Following the launch of initial products, BluGlass and its suppliers will qualify the manufacturing process for commercial production and the delivery of further product designs and applications later in the year.

Laser industry veteran joins US operations

In March, BluGlass appointed laser diode expert Dr Arkadi Goulakov as a senior laser scientist in its US operations. He brings deep fabrication, packaging and product integration expertise to the development and operations team and is currently assisting in the final steps of the pre-launch and delivery of BluGlass’ proprietary GaN-based laser technology for the industrial, automotive, lighting and biotech markets.

Goulakov has more than 30 years’ experience developing and commercializing optoelectronics, including over 17 years managing dynamic laser innovation projects. He has held technical leadership positions at leading US laser organizations including II-VI Optoelectronic Devices, Western Digital and Seagate Technologies, and has held technical roles at Microsemi, AlfaLight Inc and Corning Applied Technology.

BluGlass says that the appointment provides enhanced depth to its laser diode business development, bringing extensive fabrication and back-end processing expertise to complement the firm’s existing design and epitaxial capabilities.

Goulakov completed his PhD in Physics at the Ioffe Institute in Saint Petersburg, one of Russia’s largest research centres specializing in physics and technology. He is the principal inventor of four issued US patents, the author of multiple trade secrets, and a recipient of numerous patent and invention disclosure awards, says BluGlass.

Product development and paper presented at Photonics West

During first-quarter 2021, BluGlass showcased its laser diode product development at SPIE Photonics West. At the conference it also presented a paper outlining recent developments utilizing hybrid MOCVD and RPCVD techniques (‘InAlGaN-based ridge-guide laser diodes using remote plasma chemical vapour deposition for enhanced performance’). The paper highlighted the latest results and confirmation of the benefits of low-temperature RPCVD for the manufacture of both traditional and novel laser diode structures.

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